Custom glaziers in Tarragona


We are constantly re-designing and developing our products. This guarantees we are at the forefront of our sector.



The company Vitrobisel S.L. Your custom glaziers in Tarragona. Started its activity in 1986, in a workshop  located in Cambrils (Tarragona). Due to its increasing activity, the company was forced to change location to expland its facilities (1990). Currently they are located in the Industrial Estate of Cambrils.

It is a family company dedicated to the manufactering and transformation of flat glass, where the effort and dedication have always been present and has always been the essential basis for creating and maintaining the current company.

During the last years, it has improved the quality of its products with a perfect personalized customer attention and service thanks the experience accumulated.

Vitrobisel S.L, offers a small exposition where different types of glass, safety glass (laminated, tempered), mirrors, beveled, doors, screens and pikes bath, glass chamber designs and prints, shelves, tables are shown, etc.


  • Glass Cut to Size
  • Glass doors
  • Decorative Glass
  •  Beveled glass

  • Glass wall panels
  • Shower glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Double glazing manufacturers
  • Windows
  • Shop fronts
  • Terrace & patio encloisures
  • Stair treads




Shower doors

Custom glaziers in Tarragona


Empresa de cristaleria y vidrios


C/ Metalurgia, Nave V
43850 – Cambrils


Empresa de cristaleria y vidrios


From Monday to Friday
08 – 13 and 15-18 o’clock

Empresa de cristaleria y vidrios


Tel./ Fax 977 36 20 89